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Sean007 posted:

Went to Wal-Mart today for the Christmas clearance and I figured that I might as well check out the toy dept.

Found the Harry Potter nano metalfigs 5 pack with: Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, Sirius Black, Prof Trelawney and Moaning Myrtle for $ 4.68.


I also found the Walking Dead 5 pack at clearance for $ 3.50. Comes with Rick Grimes, Michonne, Carl Grimes, Walker 1 and Walker 2. Last pack at my Wal-Mart.


Went to a different Wal-Mart today (Cinnaminson, NJ) and found the Walking Dead Pack B which has Daryl Dixon, Glenn Rhee, Negan, and Walkers 3 and 4 for $ 3.50.

They only had a few Harry Potter sets, andNanoMetalfigs-TheWalkingDead-w1-5PackB-01-1030x687 they were all of the early ones. No new Potter figures.


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Action Jaxon posted:

Attached please find a link to the new 2019 Dept 56 Harry Potter items


Interesting that there are items at that link that aren't yet available.  I'm glad to see they will likely be expanding the collection as time goes forward.

Edit, I see upon clicking on the items that they were introduced just this month as new additions.  Cool!

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Lionelski posted:

This thread was just pointed out to me after I purchased a Nano Metalfigs set of 20 die-cast Harry Potter figures. Couldn't resist them at only $30. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with them, but here is a pic:


No room on Warrenville for an appropriate castle.

Don't need the castle, just use your imagination for a scene or two and swap the figures out. 

Though I recall the bookstore having small Hogwarts buildings you assembled. 

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For realism, hallmark is now selling the buildings and some of the town stores. Dept 56 is also selling the castle. Both are a bit small and very very pricey.

 Wrebbit 3D puzzle hogwarts castle is pretty big and seems to be good enough.  We’ve posted photos of them already.  I’m going to combine the wrebbit castle in the background with the hallmark stores in the foreground. Off Christmas sales make them ok cheap. Happy hunting.  Post what you manage to put together! 

Since the last photos I posted, I figure I would post a picture of some of my latest.  Ever since hallmark started selling the stores from diagon alley (6 to 11 bucks after christmas sale) I’ve started to build a foreground of the town with hogwarts in the back.  The detail is impressive especially for the cost.  And it scales nicely.  The Gringotts bank is actually a coin bank - super detailed and very nice.  It was only 20 bucks on amazon and it’s fits really well with the hallmark ornament buildings.  I was able to get my hands on other buildings but just wanted to show you guys here. 


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Hello friends, wizards and muggles alike,

I have continued to follow this topic, although I haven't posted anything for quite some time.  I haven’t really accomplished anything layout-wise due to family health and family business issues in recent years.  In looking back over the posts, it’s amazing how much Potter stuff that might be usable in a toy train scene has come along since I posted finding some plastic potter figures intended to fit inside plastic bubbles in a “gumball machine on eBay from a guy in Italy.

Since I last posted, I have acquired most of the Nano Metalfigs except for the elusive Snape that came with the Griffidor House playset.  One of our sons and his wife gave me Wave 2 of the Metalfigs for Christmas couple of years ago and gave me the Gringott’s Bank for my birthday last year.  

Somewhere my wife found an Olivander’s Wand Shop play set which, while small looks pretty good with the Bank.  Like the other playsets, it opens, has a couple of figures and some movable parts, but looks more “real” than either the House or their Hogwarts Great Hall and Quiddich playsets.

Here are pix of these last two gifts.  Hope to integrate them into a layout scene eventually.





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It's actually even smaller than that.  The Anglia is pretty close to HO scale.  Would scale well with the HO or OO Hogwarts Express.  Grabbed it a couple months ago for my HO layout.  

Looks like my post got deleted (mabye for having links in it) but suffice it to say I also picked up the wave 3 figure set recently.


Going to get Wave 4 set soon. Looks like there's some good figs in there.

The Wrebbit Hogwarts 3D puzzle both kits; the Great Hall and Astronomy Tower together is 19" high 17" wide and 3 feet long.  I posted photos of the ones I built and glued to a display board on page 1 and 2 of this thread. It looks pretty good and with some other Howarts buildings and 3D puzzles that look good inside a loop of track running the Lionel Hogwarts Express train.

But the one shown above from Costco by 4D Cityscape is;  size: 24" (L) x 15.6" (W) x 30.5" (H) a little smaller in width and length. It looks fairly well detailed. I have the Frozen II Arendelle Castle from the same company shown in bottom left of the photo from Costco. It was very well designed went together better and more secure then the Wrebbit puzzles. It is pretty well detailed though you do see the tabs that stick up through the roof as in the photos. I think it and other buildings shown would be interesting to get and build to see which Hogwarts I like the best! There is a good video close up of the built puzzles on the company's website just down the page;

I built this model of the Holyoke MA City Hall for a HO layout at the Holyoke Senior Center. Just the front of the building was constructed but it gives the impression of an entire structure. You could place the partial building near a rear wall and construct smaller buildings around it. The model is made with Precision Board and is 36" tall in 1/100 scale.






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