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Is anyone familiar with the TAS UCUB circuitry? More specifically, the difference of the board components between the AC and DC versions?
This is what I know:

•AC version has a green wire for motor field connection

•copper jumpers on the underside where I believe a bridge rectifier would be for DC (can’t find a clear pic of the underside anywhere)

Is it possible to swap in a bridge rectifier and omit the green wire to operate a DC can motor?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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@Landsteiner posted:

I'm loathe to give out Bob's email, but Mike Reagan's email is readily available through this website.  Start with Mike would be my suggestion.  He may have the answer and if he doesn't, he can pass along your inquiry to Bob.

@rthomps posted:

Bob Krivacic is on the OGR Forum.  You could search for his account.  Landsteiner's suggestion is the best for a quick contact, Bob through Mike R. if you can't locate Bob on the Forum.

I've known Bob for nearly 25 years and he's almost always willing to help.

I emailed Mike today. I’ll wait for his reply. Thanks for the help gentlemen!


I was able to get in touch with Bob and he provided the answers I was looking for. In case anyone is interested, here are the steps to convert an AC UCUB board to DC:
•swap out the two jumpers from the underside of the board with a bridge rectifier (orientation is silkscreened on the board)
•remove the green motor field wire from “D” and jump the black wire from “C” to “D” (yellow & blue motor brush wires are soldered to “A” & “B”)

And that’s it.

Thanks again for your help!


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