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Found this video going through some of my railroadianna collection. A professional video was made using my video tapes of many motor car trips taken in USA and Canada with my family in 1980-1990's era. I was executive producer.

Tapes were used to make a PBS style documentary.





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There was a great video a few years ago of a fairly extensive tour done by members of an organization of U.S. motorcar owners. There were dozens of them traveling together, with alot of fantastic scenery. Love to do something like that. I'm sure it's an unbelievable undertaking to get permission from railroads to use their tracks, and schedule transit time on them. I don't know if it's even possible any more, as tough as the railroads have gotten on such things.

In the late 1980's, a special motor car trip across Canada was planned by the late Hank Brown...a true motor car adventurer. We were going to start at, I think, Vancouver and end in Halifax. The Canadian Tire Company would be a sponsor and upon arrival at Halifax, the Canadian Air Force would fly all of us back to Vancouver with our motor cars. This trip did not happen as some key trackage was sold by either CN or CP and the new owners did not want to honor previous arrangements. Many other trips were operated including Mexico and my family enjoyed any that we were able to participate in.

wmm track speeder lib st park

Once, at a Rail Expo held at former CRR-NJ Terminal at Liberty State Park, NJ...the NARCOA members set up temporary rails to operate their motor cars...CNJ #189 was my car.


Also ran CNJ #189 on Valley RR in Essex, CT., South Branch Valley (WVA), West Virginai Northern, Cass, the Ohio Central, Amtrak, CN, CP, CONRAIL, MILW, Algoma Central, Morristown & Erie, ex-CNJ, NYC/Adirondack RR, ex-PRR, DL&W/Steamtown, Susquehanna RR, Bellefonte Central (PA), SCL, WM, ex-MEC Ft. Eustis/Army (VA) and many more! 

Best trip ever was on Ontario Northland from Cochrane, Ontario to Moosonee and return...a 3 day adventure!

A truly great aspect of the railroading hobby.



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@Adriatic posted:

I got to watch a few minutes before YT crashed on me. (seems I'm a magnet for Goofle fails.) Spellwreck/vindictive text and YT are the worst of Goofle issues. Embedded I don't get issues.. the site crashes and feedback/help doesn't work there. Thanks though. I almost joined ten years ago.

Here ya go!  

One of the BEST speeder adventures to be seen is by Buster Keaton. Yes you can find it on YouTube. The ending will vrack you up!

One of my faves!

And a bonus! 


Thank you Mitch.  

I suspect a big update is coming on MS, Goofle, i-stuff or servers. Google and others have been wanting me to "talk", but there are sign-in issues within parts of goofle now too.   This happened once before and it's rare to get that kind of attention unless they need the input bad. If they fix spellwreck I may faint.

Buster is always awesome. The train theme goes beyond that. He loved them. I'll finish the tour tommorow 

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