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Embossed on the box of 6-12804 #72 Operating Highway Lights is a "lot" # of 19418EL.  Imagine my surprise when I removed one of the lamps and found a variation of that # printed as 19318EL on the base of the lamp.  Whose idea was that?  Can anyone think of a good reason or justification for this?12804-212804-1


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Recall MTH using Lionel stock numbers for its products (#151 semaphore and the like), where Lionel had no copyright safeguards. By stamping the stock numbers everywhere,  Lionel may be, coupled with other internal procedures they are not telling us, exercising strict control, to avoid a repeat of re-using product#'s Lionel has marketed.  Post-War #'s are glaring examples, but perhaps the old saying "once burned, twice cautious" applies.   

The logic of being able to identify the manufacturing sequence or lot makes sense and if I were Lionel, I would "hide" the number on the underside of the base or anywhere that is not normally visible.  Back in the 40's and 50's, Lionel items would include a paper inspection tag in the box.  I don't think any operator would have appreciated if Lionel had glued the tag onto the side of a box car...

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