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The Arcade & Attica Railroad is a western NY shortline and I collect memorabilia related to them.

Buffalo Creek Graphics is a custom-painting company that I believe is in Western NY. They released three boxcars painted in the Arcade & Attica Railroad's light blue paint scheme, road numbers #512, 517, 521. I believe that the cars themselves are Weaver brand. Oddly, I have seen other references that indicate that a company called Crown Model Decorators painted the boxcars. Perhaps they are the same company? All cars appear to have the same item number, OH121.

I am interested in purchasing all three cars. If you have any of them, or know of other A&A boxcars besides the MTH ones (I have them already) for sale, please let me know.

Thanks. Ben

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These cars were made in 2004 when Weaver had the molds. Buffalo Creek Graphics did the printing or had them printed by Weaver. They would have come in a Buffalo Creek Graphics box. I suspect they are like Hens teeth these days. Walthers used to make correct decals but I suspect you would have to have custom decals made today. Dan's Resin Casting makes decals for most all of the western New York Roads.

Here is what they look like.

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