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Great news Max! So just to make sure I've understood: The replacement decoder is another LokSound XL 4.0 "O/G scale" driving a ball-bearing/Alnico Pittman motor? And the new decoder doesn't make the loud "stepped buzzing" of the motor that was heard in your video of the first decoder with Back EMF turned on?  So do you think the first decoder was faulty? 

Sorry to make a meal of this but I am at a fork in the road and I want to be sure to make the right call. This is partly due to the fact that TCS WOW and Econami 4Amp decoders don't have the EMD645 non-turbo sounds for my GP38s yet. Plus I really like the ESU sounds.

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Hi Pete

Sorry for the confusion, the decoder was a V4 L (not XL), and for what ever reason, it didn't like the BEMF on either of the Pittman motors.  My weapon of choice is the Select L, for various reasons.  Bryan at swapped the V4 L for a Select L and the Select only causes marginal moaning from the motor.  Easily masked by the sounds from the decoder - as was the Atlas' moaning (with a Select L).

The L series was developed by ESU during 2014 specifically for O scale, but given that there are so many Atlas and Pittman motors out there, its performance in the motor area is a bit below par.  Not to worry, I think that it will be acceptable.

I'm weathering it at the moment and then I'm off to an NMRA meeting (barbecue lunch).  I'd like to make a movie of it tonight if the paint is dry.


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OK got it, thanks. So this one, right:

I think I will try one before I try the coreless motor route. At leas it will save some chassis work and sleeving of metric motor shafts etc. One thing I would like to figure out is how to get fine braking control like the 5-level braking function on TCS WOWsound. If anyone has achieved something like that with Loksound Select L please could you advise on the settings.

Thanks again to all for a really helpful thread!     


MaxSouthOz posted:

Well, I've been around the tables with this build.  One minute I like it - the next I don't. 

Now I've reached the end point, I'm satisfied and would look at doing another Weaver/Loksound project.

Anyway, here's the result.  I've used the same sound project as the Atlas for a better speaker comparison.

Fantastic Max, Is that the loco with the FineScale360 drive components in it ?

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