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Since I have to be out of town in the morning I will start Weekend Photo Fun early.

Since expanding the layout 3.5 feet, I have begun to work on the Standard Gauge sized buildings for the new area. Here are my sky-scrapper beginnings.




Let's see your pictures.

Scott Smith


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Here is a photo of my late father-in-law's Lionel 736 pulling all nine of Lionel's MPC heavyweight O-27 passenger cars.  This is one set of his I'm keeping.  This was taking at BANDOB Bill's home back in Aug 2013.  He has since moved.




We have not heard from @BANDOB Bill in a while, although he visited the forum not too long ago.  He is a great guy, and I miss his posts.  I hope he is doing well.


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Great pics & videos everyone!   Here is my fun photo contribution for this fine weekend!  Enjoy your weekend everyone!  Be safe = Be well!

Floyd Demple the locomotive engineer steps out on the rear deck for a bit of fresh air.


Slim Haney the rear end brakemanIMG_1632

Protecting the grade crossing.IMG_1659

The freight yard.IMG_1565

Silver Dollar is the best place in town for steak and eggs.  Good coffee too! IMG_2367

Early morning freight passes through Patsburg.IMG_2015


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Here is something different from what I usually post. I am quite active in the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) and our local division here in Pittsburgh sponsors a monthly competition referred to as the Bring 'n Brag where you enter models from different categories. This month's category is rolling stock. Since we have been meeting virtually due the the pandmeic, the entries have all been on line. I thought my entry for this month might be of particular interest to participants of the OGR Forum. So here ya go....


This is a Weaver flat car to which I made many improvements. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT TO GET A BETTER VIEW. The car came with a plastic wooden deck painted in an unrealistic shade of orange. I started by masking off individual boards on the deck, and spraying them with various tones of gray and khaki. Next, I weathered the deck with weathering chalks which made it look like aged wooden planks. I then weathered the carbody with chalks, and the frame and trucks with paint. Wooden stakes were made of strip wood weathered with various hues of Hunterline stain and inserted in the stake pockets. The final touch was to glue the rusty chains to the deck. These represent the chains used to lash loads to the flat car.

Hope that you enjoy. Now back to ballasting the layout!


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Another temp 7’x9’ layout built out of boredom.  I’ve been showing images of the 1st one the last several weeks (Easter) and decided I enjoyed that enough to do another.  This was built back in mid-February.  As I’ve mentioned before with my Easter temp layout, I have so many beautiful Christmas pieces that I could never use them all on my 11’x14’ Christmas layout and I dislike having them just sit in boxes where I don’t get to enjoy seeing them, so I did this temp Christmas layout.

- walt


Overall night

a bit closer:

Overall night closer_1

Overall night closer_2

Overall night closer_3


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@SIRT posted:

Very nice PRR.

I dry brush paints with colored pencils on those types of items, that way the Krylon clear flat spray wont fade the decking.

Thank you! You are definitely right about the spray on flattening agents affecting the chalks. I have used weathering pencils, and just saw a set of them for about $80 (not cheap!) at our local hobby store. I usually just pick the colors I need out of the rack at the craft store. And I too like dry brushing.

@SIRT posted:

                                                       This & That...

RDG L 2 BAY ebay 21 [4]

Of course the link gods are not cooperating.


Some amazing work there gentlemen.  I always look forward to your contributions as well as the explanations that you share with us on how it's done.  Keep them coming.  It's great to see the range of talent and layout practices by the members.

@walt rapp posted:

z - Overall from hall

The great thing about this thread is I enjoy all of these pictures.  From the great work Walt does to the details and weathering from the gentlemen above!

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Another great Weekend Photo Fun, Scott thanks so much for hosting this each week, I always look forward to it and check it early and often over the weekend.  The pictures and stories that go with them are always great and inspiring.  Pat, I'd really love to see mover pictures of your entire layout, not just a few close-ups each week.  If you have some, please post them, it looks incredible.  Peter, I wish you the best of luck on your new layout and look forward to seeing its progress.  Steve, I always enjoy your photos, I save them from time to time as a reference on how to weather different cars and locomotives, your work is really good and very inspiring.  Neal, I really loved your flat car and your explanation of how you went about achieving the outcome, very nicely done, made a world of difference in the final looks of the car.  Walt, nice pics, thanks for sharing.  I know I'm leaving some of you guys out, don't take it personal, I need to run and get going this morning, Great stuff this weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed it all, great job and I'm already looking forward to next weekends WPF.  Have a great weekend and all of next week, stay safe and healthy.

Cheers everyone.

These are earlier iterations of our layout, The Great Northeastern Railway (GNR)", as seen through the lens' of visitor's cameras.

The harbor and the city skyline.


Snow covered mountains


The GNR Board of Directors, my son, Chris, my wife Terry and me,

Christmas Card Photo

A passenger train speeds by on it way to Union Station in the City of Christopolis.


The Disney Park.


The east end of Christopolis.


The theater district.


The City Zoo.


A busy downtown street.



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