Got tired of my tight radius, narrow gauge layout, so I went hunting and found a raised layout.  Found the layout, unpainted online for a super cheap price.  Spent about a week weatherproofing the thing as best I could with quality outdoor paint, both top and bottom of the tables is painted with several coats.  I do plan to use rolled roofing to create a waterproof top cover as soon as funds allow(not cheap).  While this was going on, I traded my Regner live steam Stainz locomotive for an Aster Virginia & Truckee Reno.  I then found and bought a vintage Bing for Bassett Lowke GWR Titley court thats been reboilered from a Smithies type to a JVR Type C with 3 fire tubes.  A common boiler used on later Aster models due to ease of construction.  Both are alcohol fired, so no issues when I want to steam in cold winter weather.   I plan to have one side of the layout with a western USA theme, and the other will have the feel of the GWR in the UK.  If our local steam group had dual gauge on the portable layout(its pvt owned) I would have gone down to O gauge in the garden on the new layout as there is a huge selection of vintage O gauge UK stuff, where as Gauge 1 is a bit harder and much more expensive for UK items.  To build up a vintage 3-4 car passenger train, it will cost me nearly what the locomotive did.   Finding UK buildings are harder as well, but I have a few leads.   I do plan to explore UK vintage O gauge with live steam and clockwork sometime soon again.  Need to find another Bassett Lowke that is electric driven, so I can convert it to onboard battery for times I dont wish to run steam.  I have a Kalamazoo 4-4-0 and a Bachmann 4-6-0 for the USA theme.   Mike the Aspie


20190626-13495320190629-162654TC layoutReno&Titley Court

Silly NT's...I have Asperger's Syndrome! 


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