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I heard this is going to be a real covid-19 sensitive show.   Masks required, special table arrangements, masks required, social distancing, masks required, etc etc.

I am expecting to see a large turnout.  It is said there will lots of 0 scale building & tons of entry level cars.   I was also told to expect three or four vendors to have large quantity of track and turnouts..

This may wind up being the only 2020 show I can attend.

Anyone know if there is to be Pennsylvania Dutch home cooking this show?

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@PRRMP54 posted:

That does disappoint me as you always have some great stuff at fair prices! I am still not sure if I will attend due primarily to long-distance travel hassles.

Unfortunately, I will be in recovery mode for a week or 3 by the 17th.  Traveling and being upright will dubious actions at best.  In any case, next Strasburg I'll be bringing a lot of structures to sell and maybe a tub of my own scratchbuilt cars.

Silly me....

Wow!! Crazy successful!  There was an avalanche of hungry 0 scalers busting through the door at 9:00 am sharp roaming the Covid spaced out tables.

The Strasburg Fire house was very accommodating by moving the fire trucks out of the front of the garage so more tables could be used with health sensitive  spacing.  The weather was great which allowed the doors to be open for a healthy air exchange.  John and Rich exercised strict health protocols.

I went through 60 cars, four brass engines, three cases of track, several conventional power packs,  case of road bed, Signature switches, a lot of display cases, many buildings, etc, etc.   Thanks alot guys!

Thank you for a successful, fun day !!!

While Rich and I provide the venue , It is the dealers and attendees that make the Strasburg show so nice.

I must say in my 30 plus years in the O scale fraternity I never saw so much track and switches in one show .

Tom Thorpe , Bruce Blackwood and Bob Lavezzi still have lots of track left even though a big dent was put in there inventory.

Special "Thank You" to Bruce Blackwood and the O Scale Kings for their great display and Nick Bulgarino / Dave Vaughn for the O Scale Central web site and layout display.

2021 Strasburg show dates are 04/17 , 08/07 , 10/16/2021

2022 Strasburg show dates are 04/23 , 08/06 , 10/15/2022

Thank you all for your continued support in the O Scale 2 Rail Community.

John P. Dunn Sr. / Rich Yoder  Scale 2 Rail Promotions

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