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SCALE CITY DESIGNS will be there as well. We will be in our usual position right by the front door. Come and see us as we will have some new products available as well as reintroducing some items that haven't been available for awhile.

For all those that are unsure about going to this show how can you get any better than this: tons of O Scale, St Patrick's Day in Chicago, Chicago deep dish pizza, and Chicago style hot dogs and Italian beefs.


railroad-guy posted:
mwb posted:

That's an old flyer. Check out  for the latest.


Gee, thanks!  I had this silly idea that the one that Melissa handed me might actually be good to share....

Then again, a new one just arrived in the mail....

I plan on being there with 2 tables of stuff to sell, structures and cars that have been either featured in O Scale Trains, or just somewhere in a forum in a universe far, far from here.  I'll also have a full selection of back issues of the magazine and will be taking are of that business as well.

Stop by and say hello! 

Erik C Lindgren posted:

Ok Martin!

Remember if you can catch a flight here on the 27/28/29 we are set up at the Pinehurst Country Club for "Day out with Trains" ..

Your invited and come do a write up on Johnson's modular system. And most of all play with our trains  


I plan to be in the Denver area in June, Erik, as long as that does not conflict with the O Scale Nat'l that's also scheduled to take place in June.

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