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I just received a great three-piece set of Williams “0” Gauge Deluxe Heavyweight Series Passenger Cars.

These seem to be from the 1970s, new old stock, from Nicolas Smith Trains in Pennsylvania.

I’m wondering if anyone has instructions on how to assemble these kits. The instruction sheet was not included in the box with the unassembled parts.

Thank You, Joe Kerzich


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I bought a set a few decades ago and gave up after the first one. I gave them to a then-retired friend who spent "a few minutes" (a day, for a month) assembling them.  What appealed was the fact that the ones I bought were the original Bakelite bodies, not the thermoplastic ones.  They were the original black color and needed to be painted. Too much work for a lazy and unskilled guy like me.

The "assemble yourself" scam was brilliant: get the customer to finish the product. Sort of like the "pick-em yourself" strawberry farms.  A friend claims that the next step will be "plant-em yourself".

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