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Hello; has anyone used the woodland scenic track riser kits  on an o scale layout. Whats your opinion ? will the foam be strong enough to hold brass or die cast locos.  They only rise 4 inches , I'd have to fabricate additional risers to get the necessary height.  just trying to save shop time making risers.  thanks

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I have used it and I really like it. I run an O-81 curve on mine with a Premier Allegheny and Class A. Not a worry about weight. The foam is dense and designed to handle it. Here are some early and middle pictures. I will try to take on tonight showing the bridge installed in the middle. I am very pleased I used the foam as plaster cloth adheres to it nicely.

Woodland Scenic RisersMountain with Risers


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  • Woodland Scenic Risers
  • Mountain with Risers

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