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@WaynePa posted:

He posted he wanted 6-11456.  There is a Lionel 6-11456, #1227 on e-bay.  Perhaps he wants one but not at that price.

Thanks for the heads up.   Yes I check EBay constantly for the Berkshires.    I saw this, but unfortunately the seller  IMO is difficult to deal with.    For starters, He does not respond to questions, secondly I purchase an item from him based on his photos within his listing.  The item received was different than the photo.    I did return for a refund, but it puts you on alert.  I do want this Engine, but not badly enough to deal with that seller.      

However thank you all for keeping an eye out.  

@Gary Marsh posted:

Your right Joe Everything that bmartz-1991 sells on eBay is way over priced. I wouldn't buy anything from him even it was something I really wanted!!! Good Luck Gary

Thanks Gary.   Yes I REALLY  want that Engine and I would reluctantly overpay, but I stay away from someone who won’t reply to questions and his negative feedback on EBay.     I’ll remain on the lookout.  

Joe I had a friend sell him a 20yrs old Lionel locomotive and he was told that it had an issue with the smoke unit but he bought it anyway. Then he wanted a refund because of the smoke unit but eBay sided with my friend and didn't refund his money. If you look at his store on eBay he charges a 20% return fee on everything. Everything he sells is marked up between 20-50% if we don't buy from him maybe he'll go away.

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