Looking for Weaver, 3R, PS-1 Boxcars from New England RR's such as:

   Central Vermont

   Boston & Albany

   Bangor & Aroostock (not State of Maine)

   Boston & Maine (Minute Man)

Also looking for CMP/Weaver reefers.

Please contact me at CABRAUER41@AOL.COM

Please provide Pictures, Price and Condition.

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I’ll see what I have. Definitely have some Weaver cars in those road names but not sure if I have any PS1s. 


I have a decent amount of CMP and Weaver wood side reefers. Will send you pictures tomorrow. 

I did not do a comprehensive search, but the Public Delivery Track has a Boston & Maine PS-1 Boxcar and a number of 40' AAR Boxcars in the road names you are interested in: 2 different Boston & Maine color schemes (one is not pictured), a Maine Central and a Boston & Albany.

Happy hunting!


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He was asking for the Minute Man scheme not the modern non-logo scheme as shown. The MM scheme would have been long gone when PS-1’s were built. So I wouldn’t ever expect to see one on an PS-1. Weaver offered one on an old style wooden braced boxcar.

As for CV, Weaver made a smooth side 40' PD car and 4 numbered modern 50' large braced news print PD cars.

In looking for something else, I just happened to find some Weaver catalogues. First one I picked up was the 2009 catalogue, which listed a Maine Central PS-1 40' boxcar. You may also want to reach out to the former owner, Joe Hayter, who may recall or be able to determine whether Weaver made any other PS-1s in the New England road names. You can find Joe on LinkedIn and he occasionally attends the York Meets.


I have the yellow and green MEC PS-1's, nice!

There was a complete spread sheet of everything Weaver offered once on line. It would be great if Joe could post that list for everyone. It was on here years ago too. I may have it on an archived CD?

Most good cars offered on ebay are all mostly bought up. Many variations of the older style and overpriced junk has mostly been on there this past year with a couple of rare exceptions. We also have the issue of plastic trucks & couplers which I stay away from. There are many uninformed Weaver sellers unaware of all the changes Weaver  made through the years. From a price point, they have no clue as to what they are selling. The later, last offerings were the best production wise.  No weights in the door way as one example of several.

MTH and Lionel's latest freight car models have far surpassed Weaver and Atlas O in detail and construction in recent years.

Good luck.


Maybe Joey can post that Weaver car list?

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Yea...we have about 165 different weaver box cars up on the web right now..  BAR, MEC, CV, NH, B&M, D&H, etc.  The NH ones are cool...black and orange..IDK if I every got them up on the web, tho.  As someone said, The B&M minute man cars were too old to be PS-1's.  We have some in the ARA version.  (Weaver called them "steelside" cars. )  They are actually 1920's ARA design.   We have a lot of crown cars up on the web too..


Thx to everyone who mentioned us....


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