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Ever pick up something at a swap meet that only enlarges your already burdened work load?

Well I got this neat little rural coal trestle with no idea as to where it will go.  It occurred to me to tie it onto one of my yet to be built towns, however there was no room for it or so I thought.  

I thought to hang it off the edge of the curved benchwork but had the problem of the 144" radius mainline at that point and a need to only be able to use a wye turnout to git 'er done.  The diverging leg had to be much sharper to clear a  yard entrance below so where does one pick up  a 60" X 144" unequal  wye?

Soooo...I picked up the phone  and called Brad Strong at Signature Switch.  He says "no problem" give me a sketch.

Well, I scribbled two curved lines on an old brochure and he sends me this absolute perfect problem solver with color coded wire drops soldered on.    When installed I will shoot another photo.  This is what I just opened:

IMG_8676My artwork??IMG_8771Opened fedEx packageIMG_8775New baby!!IMG_8776Brad's artwork/detailsIMG_8777My artwork/details??IMG_8778Roughed in position 

Just cannot express my appreciation enough for all the custom fitted turnouts Brad has built for me in the last six years.  Thanks  go out to Jim Allen for hooking us up.

Still working up the grade getting to this last town.  Hope the undertaker can wait.


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Following is how I  normally get switches made.  First I make crayon tracing, then I receive C.A.D. of the turnout full scale and have FedEx print it for me 1:1.  Then I lay it in place to confirm rail alignment.  After confirming exact fit I OK it's fabrication.  Brad  is batting 1000 at this point.  Every switch fit perfectly.  Probably about 50 one of a kind turnouts and a few pedestrian #6's.  

Run a round 008

The tight yard situation needed  switcher runaround so we spliced in an extension.

Switcher run around templates 009

Templates check out for accuracy.

Switcher run around templates 015bump out switch II

Signature switch built with a built in curve before the points.  Kinda weird but necessary.   Mostly 40' boxcars and a small center cab so all can make the "S"  curve.

bump out turnout

bump out switch IIIThis turnout has a spiral easement and a fixed radius.


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JIM,  Brad's curved turnouts help make for smooth juncture  of any rate of curvature.  These various tracks were laid out to blend without regard for the need to conform to any stock radii turnouts.  The rail heads were paper traced which guided Brad's fabrication of this flowing throat:lift out overall 005

Turnouts can be made to allow slicing in half for lift outs.  Note also six of  Brad's custom radius fully soldered curve "Snap Track" sections each with two pair of color coded soldered leads which provides for stable curved ROW at lift out.  They make a quick precision drop in installation for a curved lift out.

Joint track is laid into Aileen's wet adhesive, weighted and left to dry.  Then using a flex drive Dremel the joints are cut with  a slight lift out angle which provides for smooth operation.


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