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Yes, for those of us who do not have satellite radio, there comes the painstaking ritual of deciding what to listen to on the way out (and presumably back) from York, PA.   (Although if I DID have satelite in this car, I'd be listening to the 60's on 6 channel, unless Cousin Brucie was on -- the guy never shuts up!!  It's worse than terrestrial radio!)


So at the moment my iPod is loaded with CDs by:


Robert Earl Keen

Gary Clark Jr.  (blues)

John Doe

Lisa Hannigan

Savoy Brown, and

Nick Lowe


How about you?


- Mike

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Originally Posted by Putnam Division:

The Band

The Doors

Original BS&T (with Al Kooper)


Early Deep Purple (preceding Smoke on the Water)

Early Chicago/CTA

Steely Dan



That should get me going!



Didn't you have these same discs last year?!!        Not that I'm can't beat "the classics."


- Mike

I have a York playlist on my iPod, which I play through my truck's stereo.  It is a mix of a wide variety of artists and styles and has some train-related songs in the mix - it has a little blues, bluegrass, classic rock, contemporary rock, country, hard rock, and even a few tunes from "Wicked."  It is long enough for both the trip out and the trip back.



I have the Microsoft Sync system in my Taurus. I have connected a 360GB hard drive connected through the USB connection. I have lots of tunes including

8 Asia Albums

7+ Alan Parsons

15+ Chicago Albums

12 Beatles

4 Buddy Rich

Several Bob Mintzer Albums

2 Dave Brubeck

Charles Mingus Albums

Various gospel praise albums

The thing is with all of that I most likely will listen to Satellite radio.

Scott Smith


Ahhhh Scott, goin with my man Buddy Rich.  Cool!!!!!  Anyway I just bought a new ride the end of January with a free 3 month trial for satellite radio XM.  I guess it runs out at the end of this month so I'll be listening to Studio 54 Radio (Disco)on station 15.  It displays as BBC.


Other than that if I get tired of listening I'll just talk to myself.



Loaded in my MP3 player in my truck:

All albums and most bootlegs by:

Emerson,Lake and Palmer







The Nice



Porcupine Tree



Keith Emerson Band

Rick Wakeman (Yes)

Billy Sherwood (Yes,Circa)

1000's of classical organ works:

Dupre,Bach,Widor,Vierne,Gigout etc.

Originally Posted by Boomer:

Loaded in my MP3 player in my truck:

All albums and most bootlegs by:



Porcupine Tree


1000's of classical organ works:

Dupre,Bach,Widor,Vierne,Gigout etc.

Wow, I'm impressed!    You're the only other person I know who listens to this band!!  (Then I saw the e-mail account under your profile and it suddenly makes sense.)




OGR Publishing, Inc., 1310 Eastside Centre Ct, Suite 6, Mountain Home, AR 72653
800-980-OGRR (6477)

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