I found a reason for a turntable: maybe?

 I've seen turntables still in use. I saw the one in Steamtown for ex. I try to model just modern stuff. I've seen Altoona shop pics also and they've stayed w/ me. I've modeled my CSX Selkirk engine fueling shed. I thought about a factory by either EMD or GE. I'm now considering trying to capture the shops at Altoona.


 Has anyone modeled this??? Looks like a lot of real estate for O gauge???

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

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you might want to take a look and Conway yard for NS.  Active turntable with engine facility and a whole let less room than Altoona.  For a whole different approach try the Western Maryland Scenic RR.  I can't remember the name at the end of the line but they still use  turntable there to spin the steamer before runs around the train for the return trip.

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 Well, I could fake it and have one O gauge do both.

The G is another story. What about my HO and soon to be S scale???? Might be enough to make me hold out.

 Oh yeah, I want Lionel to release that coal tipple, and then I need one in G scale!!!

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

The Altoona shops are really nice, but are there pictures or plans of smaller repair shops and/or diesel storage buildings?  I see a lot of CSX and NS in central NJ, I'm thinking there should be smaller storage buildings and shops in the northeast region.  The space needed for the Altoona plans maybe a stretch for some of us.

Joe, works for me. It's your RR do what ever makes you happy. I plan to model a somewhat similar scene from the NYC but there's no way I could model the entire building inch for inch. I plan to selectively compress it and can capture the look and feel of it with less stalls.


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The BNSF yard in Sheridan WY has a turntable that is used often.  You don't have to model a huge backshop to justify one.



 Almost by fate, I turn on the TV and there's a show about the working's of steam engines and their history. They go on to talk about the major RRs use of steam and showed UP's former, and now current steam program in Wyoming.

 It was a great program. It showed Winston's pics of the fading steam era. It showed how the N&W kept running steam to pull coal trains. I missed the first half.

 "trains unlimited"

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

Thats the great thing Joe, you can model what you like and in your own way.  I have chosen to incorporate Shaffers crossing into my layout....now that is gonna be some work...especially getting the new found real estate past the mrs.........



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 Oooh, a transfer table like they have at the GE Erie plant! Hmmmmmm.

Here's a new C30-7 coming off the transfer table at Erie in 1981. Rails into buildings on both sides of the transfer table, erection shop on one side, test facilities on the other side.

Google satellite view


Erie Works-10


Photos (1)

I don't know how active it is any longer, but there is a transfer table at the old shop buildings in Livingston, Montana.  And a turntable too.  Buildings down both sides of the transfer table.  This is the old Northern Pacific facility now owned by the MRL.  It was pretty quiet when I was there, but then I have of a way of not finding active trains when I go looking for them.  Everyone else that doesn't care, like my sister or girlfriend, sees them all the time. 


Btw Joe, if you like sd70ace's (and I know you do), they look good in MRL black and blue heading up the hill to Bozeman pass.



Engineer Joe,


I have a 33" AAA table for sale for a grand. If you are interested. Works swell. getting rid of it because I bought a smaller one from Ross. 18". My modeling trend changed from main line

rail to branch line switching.. so got rid of the big power. the AAA table was never used! I had tried it to see it spin. That is it. 





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