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@Jan posted:

I liked this plan and followed its development closely.  When Ken published his 14' x 24' plan it intrigued me as being a candidate for the redesign of my current layout.  But my room is 24' x 28'.  How often does one have more space than what's required? 

I feel that the best use of the 4 feet is to increase the length of the yard.  An obvious use of the 4 feet.  I tried to enter Ken design into SCARM.  He used sectional track plus a couple pf pieces of flex.  I don't know what his max diameter curves were, but his minimum curve is O72.  All mainline switches were #5s.  He did have one O72/O54 curved switch which I eliminated.  My mainlines are O99/O108 the rest is O81 and O72.

If I adopt this plan, I will have to reflect this right to left.  I have my access door 6 feet from the lower right.

JanKen v2

Jan, what grade did you end up with on the purple line, climbing from the yard to cross over the yellow line?  Looks steep - 6%?

So glad you followed this design thread, and were inspired to work up your own version for your space!  A huge compliment, coming from you, I have admired your work, and learned from your discussions and comments!😎

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@Will posted:

Restroom? Isn't this near the house? I see you moved it to the corner, that is better. But why a restroom? That's a lot of plumbing and expense.

Actually, no longer need the restroom option.  We added another restroom/changing room with shower, for access to the pool and hot-tub, a short distance away from this proposed location (about 24'), access is paved, no steps.   But its a neat design element, and couldn't bear to just wipe it out, so it still shows as an option.   Good news for me!

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@GregHess posted:

Does your software auto implement different track for the layout or do you have to redo the plan?  I cant afford atlas and do not want fast track either.  I would love to see in gargraves and or scaletrax.

Ah, no, that would be an awesome addition to the SW!  But with different vendors offering different diameter curves, and the turnouts are shaped differently between manufacturers, I can see why that idea is not implemented.

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I don't know how plausible this would be, but what if, to get some more over/under action, you extended the BNSF extension in front of the doorway (using a removable bridge), and then had it go down and reconnect just after the roundhouse turn? This would require going with the bathroom-less option and probably losing Deer Lodge and the On30. Basically, it's turning the BNSF Connection into the third main and making Three Forks the out-and-return switching short line. Just a suggestion. And please post any progress you've made over the quarantine!

Burkus, I guess I don't follow, sorry.  But thanks for the suggestion, and please feel free to clarify!

I could see extending the elevated BNSF to Great Falls, across the doorway at the bottom, with a long lift-out, and have it swing in the lower-left corner at Silver Bow to connect to the trackage now the UP junction, and so back to the outside mainline.  This would not be a completely independent loop, there would be shared trackage between the turnouts on the left (the one in the clear space between tunnels (with a stream), and the upper left turnout that starts the BNSF elevated line.  That could be worthwhile:  redoing Silver Bow to make room for the new mainline to pass through.  Usage would require that the door be locked, but that is OK; others do that sort of thing.

Deleting the bathroom option (no longer needed for me), would allow me more flexibility to retain Silver Bow in some form.

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Exploring the idea of a connection across the front door (lift out bridge) to Silver Bow.  O72 minimum.  About 3% from Cascade siding at 7" down to mainline connection at 2".   Modern era: Montana Rail Link, BNSF, UP (and pretend to NS).  Ancient:  Milwaukee Road and NP.


I have thought about double-tracking the bridge across the door, that might be very useful, but I don't want to crowd the viewing area by about 6".


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