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Several years ago I remember reading on OGR forum that a machinist was offering for sale, powered rail benders for the Atlas three rail flex track.  I believe he was located in Ohio.

I seem to remember that he said he has a machine shop and is making them in house.  He said that the cost would be $200. each.

Does anyone have contact information for this party?  Thank you.

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John,  I use the rail bender pictured above  Was able to purchase several to sell locally.  It works for bending straight track or making curved track straight. Great tool.  Norm the designer was a fabricator of aircraft quality who made G scale RR bridges and other items which were a cut above.

After the radius is set I can form a curved piece of Atlas, Old Pullman 2 rail or MTH 3 rail Scale Track flex in about one minute's time.   I have  done traction  layouts with 12" MTH Scale Track curves easily.  `

Norm went into the hospital for a common procedure and passed...  His family was devastated.  We had a couple of deals in the works but that never came to pass.  One of the most pleasant persons I have ever met.

As for the powered bender, I should have been more  specific.  About 10 years ago or so a machine shop owner was offering a electric powered (3) THREE RAIL flex track bender here on OGR.  It was terrific, I should have grabbed one at that point.

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This is how I set up to bend 2 rail flex track using Norm's rail roller and to stagger the rail ends.

If you note the flex track on the right of the frame, the tie ends are interlocked.

This maintains the ties parallel to one another and perpendicular to the rail and permits easy staggering / removal / reinstalling of the rails without snagging.

This is Atlas track.



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