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Great Hudson model to be had for decent prices now (I got mine for $480 with the display case).

This piece is pretty consistent in running quality. I think the only issue that came up was with the sliding valve mechanism jamming up, but it's relatively easy to fix. I've encountered many, and haven't seen one of these come up, at least not in swap meets.

If you want a conventional engine with adequate enough sounds and an important part of Lionel's history, I say go for it.

@Lou1985 posted:

The chassis/driveline is garbage, but you figured out how to correct that issue .

On the Kline chassis, yes, they’re junk,...but Lionel went through a couple metamorphosis modifying the Kline chassis themselves, just like they did the Legacy Berks, mounted motor, blah, blah, blah, know the rest,..😉...thanks to Pete’s ( Norton ) detective work, you recall, the legacy chassis were all but a bolt in swap, no??......but now you got me thinking,.....wonder how the Legacy Hudson chassis or the VL chassis would fit in the Kline shell,.....hmmmmmm......time to go to the la-boratory,.....mwahhhhhhhhhh!!....excccccelent!!...🧟🧟🧟


@Norton posted:

It looks the the ESE chassis can be had but all you get is a frame and wheels. Not likely the rods can be swapped over so you have get all that stuff as well.

MTH Hudsons are looking better all the time. No need to rebuild those babies.


That’s all we used on the Legacy Berk chassis buddy, just the frame & wheels,....everything else component wise swapped over,....I’d bet the Kline hard parts might jump right over to the ESE frame,....and I just so happen to have one more Kline Hudson of my own that still has the front facing motor ,......I’d agree the MTH Hudsons are a bar that’s set pretty high too,...but you know me,....stock is for sissies,...😆😆😆😆😆😆


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