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In April I used 91% Isopropyl alcohol to remove paint from an MTH freight car.  After 24 hours most of the paint was gone.  Where paint remained, I lightly brushed with an old toothbrush and soaked anther 24 hours.  Here were the results.


This car was for a friend.  He liked it so much he asked me for another.  Amazingly, I found the exact same MTH car on ebay.  People must not like this Premier car ... both times I purchased it for less than $25.

Of course with the pandemic, finding Isopropyl alcohol is next to impossible unless you want to pay some of the gouging prices online.

Last week my Wife came back from Target.  Good news, they had some Isopropyl alcohol.  But only 70%.  I decided to try it anyway.

VERY different results.  4 days of soaking and intense scrubbing with a toothbrush and a stiff plastic brush every 24 hours.  I even tried some light steel wool on the roof because the silver paint just did not want to come off.

With the 91% the paint seemed to dissolve.  With the 70% it flakes off in pieces... if it even comes off at all.  I'm not satisfied with these results and will keep trying.






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The percentages would definitely make a difference.   The higher % would have fewer obstacles to get the alcohol in contact with the paint surface.  I.e. only 9% of non alcohol material protecting the paint from the alcohol as opposed to 30%.  Circulating the fluid in the tub would definitely help.  I found that out years ago when etching my own circuit boards.

Once a layer of molecules of alcohol have interacted with the paint you need something to move the spent alcohol and old paint out of the way to get more alcohol molecules in contact with the paint.

My bet would be the actual percentage of alcohol in the bottles might be significantly lower than advertised.  Especially with the mechanical scrubbing you had to do.

Don't know if this will work as I use it to remove epoxy on my hands before it dries and clean up after using a water base paint.

It's pretty cheap at around 15 bucks at HD.

The hazmat says this: it appears that there is no water in it but has both Ethyl alcohol and Methyl alcohol. 

64-17-5 Ethyl alcohol {Ethanol} 30.0 -60.0 % 67-56-1 Methanol {Methyl alcohol; Carbinol; Wood alcohol} 30.0 -60.0 % 108-10-1 Methyl isobutyl ketone {Hexone; Isopropylacetone; MIBK; 4-Methyl-2-pentanone} 0.1 -1.0 %

I'm sure those knowledgeable can expound on this!

@joe krasko posted:

try Graves or Everclear  alcohol 190 proof..... AND you can drink it!!!

Everclear abuse can rapidly lead to alcohol poisoning (overdose) and death. Additional dangers include alcohol dependence and addiction, brain damage, motor vehicle accidents, unprotected sex and major illness and disease, such as liver disease and an increased risk of certain cancers.

A person may consume Everclear unknowingly, as it’s often mixed into other popular drinks, such as Jungle Juice, while others fall prey to its allure because of peer pressure. Certain establishments are even creating high-octane craft cocktails that make Everclear more appealing to their patrons.

CAUTION:  If you do drink everclear don't pee on the camp fire.  


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I thought the only true 100% alcohol you could get would be ethyl alcohol, i.e. drinkable stuff.  It has a nice kick to it, but it's not generally available.  I use to be able to get medical alcohol when I was in the Navy, the good stuff.

100% pure virgin baby.  Well I guess there's a little ethyl in it but no water.



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