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Hello ALL-

Probably a number of you know me  (Joseph Frank) from the OGR "Subways-Traction" Forum  and if so, for quite long for my NY City based O-Scale NY EL and Trolley System Layouts in present O SCALE and earlier HO SCALE  (now presently some HO EL modules on static display in train room but others stored stored in the room)  --- but I want to share someone's quality "EL" and detailed modeling work in quite small N SCALE here. Of course doing so here on the HONGZ Modelers Forum  (as well as also displayed on "Subways/Transit/Traction" forum where it is ALSO on topic and relevant !)

This incredible N-Scale transit work is created by a fellow named Tibor Balint, and is fantastic enough to be shared.  I know this man from another forum.  He also created N Scale IRT Manhattan El "MUDC" (door control converted gate cars) Class Elevated Cars.  See photo below:  Photos will do more than more words --- so I will post them further below;   In  following additional new postings further below here I will post photos of the construction of his EL structures !  Even more amazing is that Tibor is in MALAYSIA !!

The first section below will show images of his construction on his EL and track structures -- with additional postings containing photos of ongoing and later completed work;

Reminder - at the bottom END of this posting, scroll further down to see more additional followup postings by me of MORE PHOTOS of Tibor's model work !regards - Joe F



Images (11)
  • 117388060_1261452477532318_1054703714757504926_n
  • 117444569_1261452640865635_5722383403933697791_n
  • 117643619_1261452537532312_4821943268433849393_n
  • 117645819_1261452607532305_3242639834838859504_n
  • 117674413_1261452440865655_8879194153564264445_n
  • 117702852_1261452307532335_6609138504427249168_n
  • 117869573_1261452360865663_6512165805469118174_n
  • 117872222_1261452720865627_8180394055914727620_n
  • 118075820_1261452694198963_5188940260901941731_n
  • 118090804_1261452670865632_2723618618898493384_n
  • 118174086_1261452527532313_7577621310084293953_n
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THIS posting shows how Tibor created in N Scale, a near exact replica of a prototype Elevated Line Switch & Signal Tower House -- modeled after the original one located at W. 136th Street and 9th (now Columbus) Avenue along the IRT 9th Avenue EL in Manhattan.  that EL is gone since being closed and torn down back in 1941.  But Tibor liked the tower he saw in some old photos and decided to create a model of it.

So here BELOW are some photos of it under construction & finished ! And the last two show the actual tower on the IRT 9th Avenue EL

Note: IRT =  " Interborough Rapid Transit " (Company)

See the next following posting showing Tabor's so far completed EL and City scene segments

regards - Joe F

117444279_1263146304029602_4679563466036108357_n117912260_1263146327362933_6064854030299851159_nN Scale 9AV EL W.136St Tower-2020N Scale 9AV EL W.136St Tower-b-2020N Scale 9AV EL W.136St Tower-c-2020118451881_1269861553358077_6356206496334660403_nTibor Balint-N-Scale NY EL-c-8-2020SW to W.136St Tower-9AV EL-1938Trackside view- 9AV EL W.135St Tower-1930's


Images (9)
  • 117444279_1263146304029602_4679563466036108357_n
  • 117912260_1263146327362933_6064854030299851159_n
  • N Scale 9AV EL W.136St Tower-2020
  • N Scale 9AV EL W.136St Tower-b-2020
  • N Scale 9AV EL W.136St Tower-c-2020
  • 118451881_1269861553358077_6356206496334660403_n
  • Tibor Balint-N-Scale NY EL-c-8-2020
  • SW to W.136St Tower-9AV EL-1938
  • Trackside view- 9AV EL W.135St Tower-1930's

And now here on this posting -- are some night scenes, some of his N Scale huge buildings,  and other scenes including some of the N Scale NY Subway & EL car models created for this EL !! Well, hope you enjoyed this tribute to Tibor Balint,  who resides in Malaysia -- and has created this faithful representation of long ago and now long gone old early system (1878 thru 1905)  original EL systems of NY City.  I am fully impressed !

regards - Joseph Frank

117131351_1257251674619065_1182537925891853057_nTabor Balint night Scene by N Scale NY ELTibor Balint Night under El view - N Scale-11-2020122994741_1325555871121978_1656448141246629128_n123138988_1325555677788664_2738031314230969681_n123146203_1325555581122007_1708620289893588116_n125449089_1340981309579434_3394941885225582320_nManhattan EL N Scale project Midtown is growing.N SCALE NYC EL - Tibor Balint-10-2020Tibor Balints N Scale tenements-11-2020Tibor Models a Brooklyn scene N SCALETibor Balint's N SCALE IRT MUDC EL CarTibor Balint N Scale NYC EL & City Street118606110_1274933279517571_3069163237890220100_n118734910_1274933246184241_641879857231853915_n118791297_1274933219517577_2960431937065117904_nTibor Balant-N-Scale NY EL-d-8-2020


Images (17)
  • 117131351_1257251674619065_1182537925891853057_n
  • Tabor Balint night Scene by N Scale NY EL
  • Tibor Balint Night under El view - N Scale-11-2020
  • 122994741_1325555871121978_1656448141246629128_n
  • 123138988_1325555677788664_2738031314230969681_n
  • 123146203_1325555581122007_1708620289893588116_n
  • 125449089_1340981309579434_3394941885225582320_n
  • Manhattan EL N Scale project Midtown is growing.
  • N SCALE NYC EL - Tibor Balint-10-2020
  • Tibor Balints N Scale tenements-11-2020
  • Tibor Models a Brooklyn scene N SCALE
  • Tibor Balint's N SCALE IRT MUDC EL Car
  • Tibor Balint N Scale NYC EL & City Street
  • 118606110_1274933279517571_3069163237890220100_n
  • 118734910_1274933246184241_641879857231853915_n
  • 118791297_1274933219517577_2960431937065117904_n
  • Tibor Balant-N-Scale NY EL-d-8-2020

Hello Tinplate Art --  and David1

Thanks much for your comments on Tibor's work.  More amazing is that he lives in Maylasia - not the USA or NY City !!    For the tiny size of N Scale - I am astounded not only at Tibor's skills and eye for details.... and clean modeling.  But more so that he has adopted a slice of NY City that is long gone from the city since the 1937-1955 period of the last of the once 4 Manhattan El lines. The last coming down in mid to late 1955 (3rd Ave EL)

I am sure Tibor will appreciate reading your comments - even though he is not a member of OGR Forum.


Regards - Joe F

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