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briansilvermustang posted:

twin bridges looking really good !!

Thanks a lot, Briansilvermustang. Those bridges were my first attempt at weathering simple toy Lionel bridges, and the result motivated me to dedicate a whole corner project (which will continue to be shown in subsequent photos) to their use, well beyond what I had originally envisioned and planned for them.


PS. Thanks, also, for the several "Likes".

P.P.S. My Thanks, also, to mjrodg3n88 and BAR GO7#63, for the "Likes".



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Diverging Clear posted:
Moonson posted:

Twin Bridges project, cont.IMG_4991

I really like the detail you put into this, it looks very realistic to me! I hope that Ivy isn't poison!

Diverging Clear, Thanks for your positive feedback. I appreciate it. All those products, including the suspect ivy, and the gravels, pylons, walls, and the "water" (produced by assiduously following the instructions for combining the ingredients and taking some  liberties with the dyes) were purchased from Jim Elster's Scenic Express.


mike g. posted:
Scrambler81 posted:


Love Yoda being there to see the trains pass by!

Would you believe when I picked him up earlier this year, he was the first Star Wars toy I have ever bought? I always joked that I was the only toy collector on earth without any Star Wars, but as soon as I saw him, I knew where he had to go.

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