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Hi Guys, I have an original Vision Line Challenger (#3989) from back in 2011 or so. It is a coal fired engine with smoke lifters installed, and I like that look. I noticed the new versions of the UP Vision Challengers only include smoke deflectors on oil-fired versions, and the sole coal-fired version (#3981, 1931270) doesn't include them. Does anyone have this engine and know if the screw holes are in place so that, if I picked it up and wanted to order a set of lifters from Lionel parts, they could be installed later? Really appreciate anyone's help with this!


David Ogletree, Needham, MA
(781) 799-4335 cell

Lionel #1931270 VisionLine Challenger Union Pacific #3981 [Built To Order)


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Not a definitive comment, for sure, but my Lionel Clinchfield coal-burner (what else?) Challenger from, I guess, 2010, has no apparent lifter mounting holes. That may be true only as a model manufacturing/specific road decision, though, as the CRR locos never had lifters..

(The Clinchfield did indeed have several "late UP-design" Challengers after WWII, bought from the Rio Grande. The UP itself never actually owned any of this particular group of "UP" engines.)

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