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MTH 2017 Volume 2, Page 100, says ALCO PA "3-2 2 rail conversion" ?  Same Question, really or misleading  "feature" ?

Would be nice if accurate information would be available, would help to pre-order or not. 

MTH I would hope would continue to upgrade to more accurate scale trucks with correct axle spacing, The most recent BL-2's do not have correct spacing, nor did the last FT's. or The FA's, F59PH, or Genesis.

Also concerned about the Catalogued GP-60's and the Gensets axle spacing.

Stopped preordering until it is known, or not

would be helpful to know, Thanks MTH.


This is why it is frustrating to buy from MTH. Can their catalog be trusted or not? If not then you pre-ordered something you don't want and it has to go back. If you don't pre-order because you don't trust it you may miss out because you are increasing the likelihood that it will be canceled by not ordering.

Talk about a catch 22... A little communication from MTH would go a long way here. Has anyone reached out to them to verify?

I don't think they monitor it. Most items I wait and see anymore, can't trust the

catalog. The Railking subway sets always advertised illuminated number boards

and never did have them. The new R33s subways advertised led destination signs and

don't. I even questioned the R33s illuminated destination signs on the MTH facebook page

and they replied they would, again they don't.  I pre-ordered the NYC Empire State premier

passenger set 20-65275 thinking the trucks would be silver as the catalog illustrated, but

they were black. So I wait and see on most items anymore. I'm really not good at rolling

the bones. 

3/2 is an interesting concept, most likely designed to allow MTH one production run instead of a separate production run for the relatively few 2 rail locomotives/engines.  This required isolated wheels on one side of the locomotive and a center rail pick-up that could be removed/easily modified for two rail. Apparently the larger flanged wheels were to be acceptable to 2 rail hobbyist.  There is a switch, bottom of the locomotive that allows for the electronic change from 3 rail to 2 rail.  IMO. 

Note the isolation with plastic axle bushing and plastic truck journals.  Tender truck pictured.  The two tender trucks are reversed/ mirror images, one can pick the left track power, the other, right track power.

Left side and Right side are isolated/insulated from each other.  MTH Russian Decapod.  Power pick-up is on the tender, as pictured above.

There are two switches. Project assumes you are still running DCS even on a two rail layout.

As always I could be wrong and often.



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gunrunnerjohn posted:

Curious why MTH doesn't monitor these sections, they were set up precisely for their convenience! 

All we ended up with is a whole section of dead sub-forums that spread any content all around.  This looked like a bad idea when they set it up, and it hasn't improved after being here for some time.

they should just get rid of this whole section of the forum if they won't answer questions.

Maybe just change it to product displays with no replies allowed?

Otherwise, it is totally useless.

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