The boxes that individual golf clubs come in are a handy size for this. Maybe check out your local golf shop and see what they might have. You will have to cut it down of course and make flaps on at least one end. Then some bubble wrap or 1/2" foam around the engine and you should be good.


We are never too old to learn something stupid....

Use an OEM box as a template and cut out from a sheet of the same material. You can duplicate them by the thousands. Nick


I use BCR Trading Card Boxes, they come in single and multiple row sizes of various lengths.  Here's some samples, go to the link to see a lot more possibilities.



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A fellow modeler that I sold some rolling stock to used the Valveeta boxes to store 027 rolling stock in, He packed the Valveeta boxes in apple boxes and stacked them up in his small upstairs apartment.  Last I heard, he was threatened with eviction because he had "excessive weight" on the floor structure.  When he got ahold of credit cards his collection grew immensely.   -Salty Rails-

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