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At a local flea market this morning I picked up a pacific freight set with a 290 for $20.My incentive for purchase was the white 640 hopper included in the set.Upon closer inspection was that the boxcar was in fact a red painted 639 in relatively good condition.When I checked Greenbergs Vol. I on rolling stock it listed a value of NRS.I believe this to be a harder to find car.Any one have more info on rarity.....IMG_1010IMG_1013IMG_1014


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639 Tuscan painted...~$16 (good)...~$83 (excellent) (Greenbergs pocket guide 2015)

639 red painted...~$550.00 if excellent. This would be worth the time spent to have someone in the know tell you if it is truly red or tuscan in color. I agree that your car appears to be Tuscan. If you can borrow a copy of the Standard Catalog of American Flyer trains by David Doyle on page 109 they show a red 639. It is very  red. Your car does not look like that photo.

Doyle does value the tuscan car in good condition at $35.00

640 hopper...white plastic body...~$14 (good)...~$47 (excellent) Greenberg 2015)




Thanks for the reply....The photo does not show its true is same color as a 642 which I originally thought it was.There is some paint flaking and the base plastic is reddish-orange.Also there is a hole for the brake wheel but no brake wheel......

At least one step is broken on the hopper and while it is difficult to determine the catwalk on one end of the box car appears chipped. Flaws like these will have a significant effect on value. In any event, as a Flyer collector I agree that you got a bargain. 


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