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Hey Everyone! so guess what, I recently received a little bit of MTH equipment from a boy in my new scout troop (my old one isn't rechartering.) WHOO HOOO! I'm looking at the Lionel Legacy American Freedom Train T1 Northern from their 2016 signature edition catalog, And I just wanna buy it!!! thing is though, it almost $1,700! I don't have $1,700! I don't wanna have a Monster Layout like Eric Seagel and his crazy line, but The T1 in the American Freedom Train livery is SO COOL!!!  can I have any help??? all images are screenshots from


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The real Freedom Train was 2101.  It sits rusting away OUTSIDE at the Baltimore museum.   That is almost as sad as GG-1 #4800 rusting away OUTSIDE at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

I have the MTH Freedom Train in the GS-4 with extra tender and the Reading 2101 AFT.  I ordered both the Lionel AFT locomotives as I am a huge fan of whistle smoke.  When I get them I will decide what set to keep.  I chased the real AFT and spent many days with it in Boston.  It came through my back yard inbound and out to Boston.


I was very happy that Doyle returned 4449 to AFT colors after 911.  I am also thankful that Lionel is going to run the cars.

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Congrats on receiving your MTH equipment!

I am afraid you are going to have to live without that American Freedom Train T1, at least for now. In my adulthood, I have purchased many things that I drooled over in Lionel catalogs when I was young -- they came many years after I first decided I wanted them, but somehow the long wait makes it even sweeter.

Just tell yourself, "Someday!" In the meantime, have fun running the trains you have!

Congratulations on getting the equipment! Just hang on to your dream and time may be your friend on the set. It really is a looker, and is a powerful symbol, as well. 

I just got some passenger cars of the type I have wanted since I first saw them in a train store long ago. Believe me, the wait has made this acquisition one of the sweetest I could imagine. Every step along the way of acquiring train items has been fantastic. 

As a woman, I must say this reminds me of fine jewelry, where young women get small pieces while drooling over older women's grand pieces. Of course, some people never get any of the elaborate trains of their dreams, but those who do may have drooled a bucket by the time they got theirs. 

I say "drool away" and you will savor every second when your dream comes true!


J Daddy posted:

Well I think I can help you in saying that you may be too late to order it.... I believe the BTO pre-order date has come and gone...

That shouldn't be a problem, since many of the dealers probably ordered "a few" extra's.  Just look at all those "extra" BTO ES44's that dealers can't get rid of at "BTO prices".  

Also to the OP... Nobody's gonna be paying $1700 MSRP for a T1.  Gosh, for that kind of money, folks can buy a complete 12-car Atlas-O CZ passenger set!!!  

Even the T1's $1350-ish street-price has about $450 of "just because it's Lionel" money built into it.    This should have been a $900 (street price) locomotive. 


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Marty Fitzhenry posted:

The real Freedom Train was 2101.  It sits rusting away OUTSIDE at the Baltimore museum.   That is almost as sad as GG-1 #4800 rusting away OUTSIDE at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

As sad as it seems nobody has the money to restore those engines, at least restore them cosmetically would take thousands of dollars. The GG-1 will stay as a piece of history because it would need too much work to restore it to service, too many issues with the electrical systems on the GG-1's, and the frame is rusty as well. I think the PA Railroad museum has a GG-1 inside or was it an E-8?

There at least 2 Reading T-1's that are still serviceable and one is in use near Jim Thorpe(one owned by Andy Mueller) PA.

Lee Fritz


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