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Yes, I did. But I will tell it again. The client I am building these for is furnishing his own drive with cast brass trucks/KM sideframes. I can't wait to see them finished and running myself. They are huge locomotives.
Thank you all for the kind words, Malcolm
Originally Posted by bob2:

Yeah, beautiful!  Did you tell us what you are doing about trucks in a previous thread?


Harmon, and anybody else interested,

Here is the thread on the original KM that Malcolm built a year or two ago.  Some of the pictures have disappeared, but there are still some photo of the nose being built.



The facebook page can be accessed by non-members, so you can view it.  Now I could also understand if you are avoiding any participation with facebook on principle or for privacy issues.  I don't have a solution for you in that case.



Superb work, Malcolm! 


My friend, the late John Addis, would've been proud of you.  Did you ever meet him?  He was an avid, well-respected and published O2R modeler who shucked the wood and metal paradigms for styrene about 40 years ago.  I understand it caused quite a stir at some of the O nationals in its day.  I don't recall that he did locomotive bodies, but his replication of wooden rolling stock was least for its time.


Yes, the KM nose is awesome, indeed.  And it's easy to see how a few balsa/paper airplanes would've taught you some forming techniques.   But.....


Tell us about the nose pilot.  The photo shows no formers to govern its complicated shape peeking through the coupler opening.  How did you achieve the complex multiple curvatures of the styrene stock on that piece????   Please?


An humble admiring apprentice of the art of modeling ferroequines, et alia, I remain...



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