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I've really enjoyed the Menards bi-level 14-3/4" Auto Carriers (and finally purchased one).  It looks really good.  I wasn't totally sure about the items offered on it, however, so I bought a bunch of 1:48 die cast cars from Menards (Denver DieCast). Now, however, I have nothing to do with them, which leads to my question.

Are there any similar open-sided bi-level or tri-level auto racks (Lionel, K-Line, MTH, Atlas, etc) that fit o-scale cars? Better yet, any that come empty, so that I could add my own cars to it?
I saw the Lionel had made some Hot Wheels- & Matchbox-scale Auto carriers (6-16208, 6-9351, etc).  I don't care about those--the spacings are too small.  I want to show off these brand-new Denver Die-Cast Sweptsides & Furys etc.

Thank you!

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If these exist, i would greatly appreciate item numbers, so that I can look on various auction sites for them.

We run O-31, so 15" is about as long as we want to make the cars.

I thought about the Lionel postwar with ugly cars on it, but those are usually sold with the postwar ugly cars.

Would 6-9123 or 6-9281 fit O-scale cars?

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I purchased a few off ebay.
The Evans 4-car auto loaders (including the LCCA 2014 auto loader 6-58584) by Lionel do not fit Menards Sweptsides on the bottom row.  They (the Sweptsides) are too tall for the end ledge by a fraction of an inch--they would fit if i took the tires off, or bent that lip down, but I don't want to do that.
The Menards Dodge Power Wagons are too wide for the lower level.
Plymouth Furys fit perfectly.

I think that Ford Panel Vans also fit perfectly, but I do not recall.

I then purchased a truckless and car-less 4-car MTH auto loader (with 8 chocks and rubber bands). This fits all Menards 1:44 $5 Denver Die Cast cars & trucks very well indeed on both the top and bottom levels.

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