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This may have been discussed ad nauseam, but are the April Yorks going to remain 3 days?  I only searched through the first page and did an Advanced Search (on my phone) with limited success...just adding this in case I get crucified for not reading through all 75 pages of historical posts.

Many thanks to all of the non-passive aggressive posts that are forthcoming!

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The Eastern Division of the TCA made a decision in the Fall of 2019 to migrate to a 2-day format (Friday-Saturday) for both the April and October York Meets commencing with the April 2020 Meet. The last 3-day Meet was to have been the October 2019 Meet, which was held accordingly. The dates for future York Meets were posted on the Eastern Division York Meet schedule at that time, and they were all 2-day meets.

There was a lot of push-back from many members (myself included) and some dealers concerning the decision to move to the 2-day format. Then Covid hit and there were no York Meets for two years. The Eastern Division announced sometime around the middle of 2021 that the October 2021 Meet would be a three-day meet, but the sense I had at the time was that this was a one-time exception.

Then, surprisingly, sometime shortly after the Meet, I noticed that the Eastern Division website had been amended and that all of the York Meets for the future through 2024 were listed as three-day meets. I do not recall seeing any formal or informal announcement from the Eastern Division as to why this decision was made, but I really didn't care, because I was happy with it.


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