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Any body out there in 3D land make a pilot spacer for Atlas O 3r "GE" Dash 8-40-B,so  the pilot can be fixed to the frame.Atlas O parts is a NO.Shapeways has them for GP60"s. So far I have completed 4 models and working on one more GP60.The GP60 spacer also has a step each side and KD mount holes.Thanks.

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@nikko posted:

The 3r model Dash 8 has ditch lights on the very bottom of the "body" in front.

Looks like the 2r picture Boilermaker1 posted has ditch lights as part of spacer.

Thanks All

No... the ditch lights are my 3D prints that I added.  The factory ditch lights are on top of the walkway. In the photo you can see the walkway holes that I patched over.

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