Atlas O gauge engine production

I'm copying this to announcements, as it concerns everyone who has ordered Atlas engines, from any dealer, not just me.

I just got a letter from Atlas about engine production, which you will all hear about from different sources.  It needs clarification, so here goes.

Atlas is cancelling, for the mean time, orders for the SD-40's, MP-15's, VO-1000's and SW switchers.  The reason for this is that the factory keeps upping the minimum order quantity.  SO WHAT'S IMPORTANT, IS THAT IF ORDERS ARE UP ON AN ENGINE, WE CAN GET IT RE-INSTATED AND BACK IN THE PIPELINE. . THE WHOLE STORY IS NOT SO SIMLE, SO PLEASE READ ON...

1. Atlas production for GP-7's is in progress, and they will be here approx sept of this year.  If you want GP-7's, especially in 2 rail, now is the time to order them.  They are on our pre-order page, and I can still get orders in right now.

2. Atlas RSD-15's are on the schedule. Shipment early next year.  These are all good.

3. Most likely, the SW switchers will be done after the RSD-15's.    They will be re-announced.  I have Atlas's ear as far as road names are concerned.  If I can get enough orders, or solid interest, I can get manufacturing moved up. PLEASE LMK what yoour interests are.  ESPECIALLY SHORTLINES!!!    So far, I'll be encouraging Atlas to do PRR, NYC, SP, SF, RI, Reading.   What else?   I'm thinking BRW, Bethlehem steel, MILW, CNW. Mopac, C&IM, TRRA, EJ&E, IHB, Union RR,     I love the BRC, but it was done before, and didnt sell that well. IF I CAN GET ORDERS UP ON THIS ENGINE, IT WILL GET DONE SOONER.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A RESERVATION with us on an Atlas SW switcher, and want to cancel your order, please email us at, and let us know and we will refund deposits.  Otherwise, this engine is still expected to be a go after the RSD-15's. 

Also, we do have a few Lionel SWs in stock.  These were all MTO, but we ordered some extras and they are up on the website.

4. SD-40's are dead for the meantime.  I will be refunding deposits.

5. VO-1000's....  I'm going to push Atlas to do PRR, PRSL, Reading, a Beth Steel road, and USN. Maybe SMS?  They were the biggest operators of Baldwin switchers that I know of.  Any other wants.  I'd like to get this back on track.  If u want me to cancel your reservation and refund, LMK tho

6. MP-15's.....I've had a lot of interest in this engine, but Atlas says the order quantity is just not there.  I'm going to refund deposits. Generally, any RR that had MP-15's, also had SW's.  so we'll see if we can get some of the previously announced MP-15 roads done on the SWs.  That's my plan, anyway.  But I need your input and help here.  You can email me at  I will be refunding deposits on MP-15's.

I don't love this mess any more than anyone else.  In fact its a huge Pain in my u know where.   But stay tuned, and dont panic, and read and listen. There are sure to be lots of false ideas circulated.  I am talking with the Atlas VP of sales directly.




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