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I read a article in the latest issue of OGR, and saw where Ed was asking about the Lionel Railroader Club Buttons from the past. I have them from 1983 thru 2009 and two that I don't know anything about? I am missing 1985's, there is also a patch for the LRRC not sure what year. Ed, hope this helps!! If anyone has any info on these please share, or a 1985 button for sale? Not sure when the buttons started or ended. Sorry, there are a lot of pics but these are mounted on my walls and could not remove for a group picture!!

Enjoy, Jeff


Images (18)
  • LRRC 1983
  • LRRC 1984
  • LRRC 1986
  • LRRC 87,88
  • LRRC 89,90
  • LRRC 91,92
  • LRRC 93,94
  • LRRC 95,96
  • LRRC 97,98
  • LRRC 99
  • LRRC 2000, 2001
  • LRRC 2002, 2003
  • LRRC 2004, 2005
  • LRRC 2006, 2007
  • LRRC 2008,2009
  • LRRC button year unknown
  • LRRC year unknown 2
  • LRRC Patch
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Hi Ed and others interested in Lionel club publications.  There is an entire product in the HSL suite of Lionel digital archive products devoted to Lionel club publications.  ALL of the club buttons and patches are neatly displayed for your perusing.  This is now part of the LCCA Digital Archive available to all members.  

Please check it out here: .


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Jeff, MartyE and John Holtman,

Wow! Thanks guys.

Thinking of turning this into an article, but you have done most of the  the work already, so you deserve all the credit.

It is not just the buttons and patches themselves, but the marketing/ promotional thinking behind them that will add to reader interest.

But, heck, most of that is right there with the buttons and patches you have shown us.

Thanks again!

Ed Boyle

Hi Jeff,
No problem!  After logging on at the LCCA home page click on the small orange button called "Members Only" in the upper right hand corner.  Next, choose the Digital Publications option in the middle of the page.  Finally, scroll down to the second row from the bottom.  You will see a yellow product cover and option entitled, "1976 - 2006 Inside Track".  Click on that product cover and you are off and running!  You can see the buttons behind the LRRC Buttons binder.  Be sure to check out the Bonus Section and all of the digital issues that are available.   

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