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First off, these pictures are scans from my personal collection.

Now.  Can anyone advise on what they think the correct colors of A&EC 8 would be.  No one knows of a color picture of this engine.  for comparison, A&EC 7 is green with a yellow stripe, black frame, hood tops and roof.

It is thought the #8 was some shade of red with gray or silver striping.  

Looking for help from anyone that has a knowledge of how shades show up in B&W photography or if there is anyone that actually knows the colors.

ThanksA&EC 44 ton 8A&EC 44 ton 7 New Bern NC 4-1957a


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  • A&EC 44 ton 8
  • A&EC 44 ton 7 New Bern NC 4-1957a
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Most logical conclusion is they're the same colors, just slightly different pattern. The one that's in bright sunshine looks lighter than the one partially in shadow, but that's more likely the affect of the sunlight than an actual difference. Some railroads had different paint schemes for freight and passenger diesels, but generally didn't paint each individual engine within a type of class a different color.  Only color images I could find searching for images of Atlantic & East Coast engines come up with dark green / yellow similar to early M-St.L colors.

I was at GE in the 45 ton and larger industrial locomotive era, and quoted these locomotives to industrial customers.  That would be in the early '70's.  At that time the STANDARD GE paint scheme was for "industrial yellow" hoods, with black platform and trucks.  The name of the buyer and a locomotive road number were included at no extra cost.  Script or other "non common" lettering, purchaser monograms, etc. were all extra cost.  All other paint colors, striping, etc. were extra cost (which, by the way, was just a nominal amount).

I came close to buying an MTH GE industrial switcher, and looked for one that I could convert to the "GE standard" without the need to repaint, but none offered that possibility.  It's too bad that MTH never offered an "undecorated" industrial in yellow and black, and I believe if they  did so they would have had a sales increase.  My viewpoint is that the small MTH GE would be perfect for smaller switching layouts, both 2 rail and 3 rail.

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