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We should give some consideration to a best practices forum. 


Frequntly, posts are seeking information about how to do something specific or suggestions or what product to use and where to get it.  Yesterday, there were numerous posts and replies about neatness of wiring.  There was also question about power spikes and TVS usage Among others.


A forum, with a table of contents, that contained offerings of best practices from the experts - How to wire, what appropriate awg for differing uses, pictures of terminal strips and bus bars and when to use them. TMCC and Legacy topics.  The list goes on. 


The Lionel videos, as we have seen in wiring 101, doesn't cut it. There isn't a book like the one written by Barry B for DCS and the last publication on wiring is seriously out of date. 


Could be managed by volunteers. Liability could be limited with proper wording by signing into th forum.


Worthy of consideration.



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I could NOT agree more.  So many times there have been questions I have but cant find the info.  The advanced search function is very nice, but it'd be a lot easier to have all that information somewhere.  Even if there was just a title and a link to an existing thread.  For example (example only, I promise I'm not suggesting using mine) I've recently got an E-Unit working, cleaned a shell, attempted cleaning a frame, but then repainted.  There could be a topic stating E-Unit remedy's and link to that thread.  

Anyway, my point is, I agree with you.




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