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I use Atlas track with Ross switches on my permanent layout and run Lo-Vs, BMT standards (ABs), R-17s, R-26s, R-36s, and R-142As. I also run passenger and freight trains during the times I am not running subways. To me Atlas track looks great and is very dependable in addition to being compatible with Ross's switches. If your layout is to be temporary (as in around a Xmas tree) or just on the floor, I would use Lionel Fasttrack. 

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Connection is an issue sooner, or later. Using many drops = many years of no issues.

Nickel/silver track is expensive, but the least prone to rust(cant) with decent conductivity.(any "oxidation" is actually still conductive!) 


According to a reply in another thread some Atlas isn't readily available right now.


I've only run a lot on Super O, both sized "L" & marx tubular, F.T., and good old Gar Graves Phantom flex with Ross turnout switches.

Something to be said for the long sections of no rail gaps of G.G.. Smooth, quiet. More wheel & bearing noise. "Click clack" is in there, but more "isolated". Just different.  


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