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I don't have a large collection (solely collect toy-like Bing big-wheeled 0-4-0 clockworks) but out of the ones I do have, I love. One day, when the kiddo's are older(and can actually trust them with this collection) I'll display them in an office/attic/basement (here's hoping!)

Which brings me to a separate topic, where is everyone's "layout" spaces? (office? basements? attics? garage?) With members who actually have "homes", did "you" choose the layout room? Or did your wife?

If/when I own, I'd love an actual office but i'd settle for a dark corner of a large garage I figure, one day i'll be a "grandpa" and I'll most definitely pass-on these little wonders down the line..



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It is more that I chose the home that had a floor plan with basement, that was optimal for the basement being built out as a train room.  Moved in 18 years ago and the trains have slowly taken over the house, sort of like a mold that just keeps growing and creeping elsewhere!  Now the trains have taken over the basement, one of the bedrooms, and have crept into the formal living room, dining room, and loft at the top of the stairs.  


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My last house had trains in every room.  No 1 scale 1:32 on LGB and Laggas Creek track running everywhere on both floors thanks to the uncanny ability of a Milwaukee Saws-All to cut 7" X 10" holes in a baseboard with ease.  The second floor trains were set on a 7:00 am timer for my wake up call.  It ran through all the bedrooms, high over the stairwell down the hall and triggered my bell.  I had to rearrange the hvac ducts to allow right a way passage through one wall.

The whole 1:32 bit the dust in '94 once I saw 1:48 in the flesh.   I gathered the whole 1:32 collection and traded / sold it all for my foray into 2 rail 0 scale.  Never forget my first H-8 sitting on the dinning room table.  I just knew that another house was in order.

Present layout was supposed to be open space with just an around the wall set up in 2k sq ft basement but now the only walking space left is in the aisles between and around the added on peninsulas and like NWL's mold the trains too are starting to climb up the wall on display racks.  Full blown man cave.

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Elgaucho: NICE trains! You may be advised to consider a more modest approach than that of the two gentlemen above! Just sayin....

Personally, I have no need to fill a house with trains. Plus my wife wouldn’t allow me to venture past a closet-sized layout (which is fine) I like the other members post (on another thread) with the elevated oval train set-up. I’ll build a nice compact city scenario like that in my future.

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Layout space chosen by me or my wife?  Started out to be her choice and then..... well ya gotta read the "About Warrenville" section of my website for the full story.

In the mid-80's I had a 4x8 in the corner of my basement workshop. The Mrs suggested that I move it to the unused adjacent basement bedroom so that there would be a cleaner environment and room for growth. From there multiple expansions were all my idea as you will see from your read.

Have fun - I still am.

@Tom Tee posted:

Not too sure what "Tinplate" means as far as track goes but I have a question,  one of the things I have been working around is a box of standard 2 1/8" gauge USA brand track which makes a 7' x 17' oval.  Is there much call for this track today?

Tracks are used (and made from) tinplate correct?  

I'm simply trying to hit two birds with one stone (subject wise) for this post. I am considering a separate post though, regarding layouts. Thanks for the advice!  

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