Just a quick question for the experts out there. I just installed a brand new (old stock) LTI era e-unit into my nephew's Lionel 2055 baby hudson. It cycles perfectly with the exception of one quirk. It misses reverse every other time it cycles (F-N-R-N-F-N-N-F-N-R for example). This is why I replaced the old e-unit for him in the first place...it was doing the very same thing. Could the LTI e-unit be defective...bad drum? Any ideas or replies? Thank you.

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After a closer inspection...I did notice that the drum was getting hung up on the rotation. It would turn very smoothly until it would reach the same point where there was some resistence. There was some rough plastic flashing on the inside of the drum's rotation point with the e-unit housing. I was actually able to get the full cycle function working again with an adjustment but it went back to being inconsistent. It needs the drum replaced...the one (white plastic) that was used by LTI was pretty flimsy looking. I believe the new drum will solve the problem. Thanks for all your advice and help.


As a novice who recently re-built an e-unit for the first time, Jeff Kane at The Train Tender was very helpful and had the correct drum (I also had to replace both sets of contact fingers). I would also recommend purchasing the e-unit tool to make disassembly easier. One tip - don't spread the frame open anymore than is necessary to get the drum out and back in or you'll be like a one-armed paper hanger trying to get all the pieces back in ! 

Don’t feel bad: my new GP-9 Torpedo from Lionel has a malfunctioning reverse system in “Conventional,” which is how I will run it. It runs NEUTRAL-REVERSE-NEUTRAL and never cycles into FORWARD. 

Going back for repair or replacement by the vendor. I could live with the problem since it does indeed run in one direction, but at $500, I refuse to. We deserve properly running equipment at the high price we pay. 

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