I have been wanting a centerbeam flatcar to run on my layout.  So, I set out to design one and print it on my 3d printer.  I had a couple of S Helper Service flatcars without a load and added the printout to them.  The design copies current prototype cars, but is not a scale model.  It is more of an approximation to fit the existing flatcars.Centerbeam1Centerbeam2Centerbeam3

The load also fits on the current MTH reissue of the SHS flatcars.Centerbeam8

And I also printed it in brown.


They look pretty good and are, at least for me, a reasonable approximation of the prototype.  I am running them empty but may add a load later.

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Rocco - Yes, I think so.  I am still working on some final adjustments.  So, I need a little more time.

I print out two halves of each centerbeam and glue them together. That way no support material is needed while printing.


One half has the brakewheel and the other does not.  Some prototype cars are flat where the lumber sits and others have ribs.  So, I have a set of 2 halves for the flat style and a set for the ribbed style.  Plus a separate file for the ladder.  I am using the plastic brakewheel from PortLines that is normally used on the caboose railing.


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I see no good reason to act my age!


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As I said earlier, this is a great adaptation to creat a stand in model.

However, one little nit I just noticed: The ladder and brakewheel are on the wrong side of the car end.  They should be on the left side as you look at the end.

The drawing is for a different car but the placement remains the same.




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