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Hello everyone,

Just purchased a used Chicago & North  Western 4-6-0 TMMC (638042) with no owners manual. I am trying to pair it to my Cab1 however, I can not find a manual supporting the auxiliary code. I can get the engine to run, whistle works, bell rings, marker light works, cab light works, fire box works, smoke unit works and engine sound. What does not work is the headlight and no cab chatter. I have looked for the manual on Lionel web site does not exist, sent them an e-mail no answer yet. anyone have any suggestions.



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Check to see if there is a RS / SS (Rail Sounds / Signal Sounds) switch under the tender.  Place it in the RS position if there is one.  I just can't recall for sure, but it "sounds" like it might be in SS mode.  When you say there is no cab chatter, are you also missing the "back-ground" sounds???  Or are your referring to the cab chatter when you select Aux1 followed by #2?

Do you get the announcement sounds when you press Aux1 followed by #7?  Do you get the chuff sound as the engine runs?

Given the age of  similar engines, I sometimes find opening the tender and re-seating the boards corrects some problems.

Good luck.

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