Has anyone had a chance to try out the new consisting and speed-matching that has been added to the BlueRail iOS app?


There is also this video on running Williams locos on AC power with bluetooth:


Its good to see the bluetooth technology picking up. I see prices have started coming down as things heat up.    


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Is there any more information, other than the video on running on AC power  using the BlueRail system?



The only thing I saw was a video of Bob Walker's AC/DC converter equipped unit.  This link says not to use AC to directly power the board:


Look under the POWER paragraph under the INSTALLATION CONSIDERATIONS heading.

I have never consisted engines, but I might do so with my Weaver RS3 and Williams E7 just to see what happens.  Also never tried the speed matching function, although I have run the 2 engines as individual units before the speed matching function was embedded in the program so I need to try that too.


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My understanding is that Dave Rees of BlueRail Trains will be posting detailed info on running powered by 3rd rail AC track power.

I have a pair of k line Alco's running on my TMCC and DCS layout on track power.  Had issue with building the voltage converter, most my lack of skill.  Found an AC. To DC Unit on Amazon which works great.  The consisting and speed matching is a three step process and works great.  Since both units are the same make and model it was not really needed.  A mixed consist of different marks and models should show the ability better.  All in all I am very impressed.  Ordered more blue horse units and AC/DC buck boost units to repair by conversion several dead units.  Much cheaper than factory or other companies TMCC units.  More details as more units are converted


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