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I'm back again with another issue with my Legacy Lionmaster Challenger 3977, model 6-82695. 

A while back I posted about the hesitation this engine had and with the help of the forum I was able to determine I had to clean up the ring on the rear motor which fixed that issue. 

Yesterday when running the engine I noticed it get stuck on the track and while the rear truck wheels kept spinning the front truck did nothing.  I was able to get take some Micromark rollers and put the engine off the track and I noticed exactly that, under power the front motor wasn't driving the wheels.  I did notice that if I increased the speed significantly, I could get the motor moving, but nowhere near the speed of the rear motor.  I had noticed this issue in the past but at the time the front truck just always moved slower than the rear truck as opposed to not at all now. I have attached a video as evidence.

Is this an issue with the motor or something else in the locomotive?  I went over the whole thing looking for loose wires or weak connections and found nothing.  I also took the truck off and checked, the wheels roll freely and the motor spins freely.


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Challenger Front issue
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Actually, that's probably not anything.  With the typical cruise, which all Legacy and DCS models have, only one motor is speed controlled.  The other motor just receives the same voltage as the motor with the tach reader.  It's not unusual for that motor to start later on rollers than the speed controlled motor.  However, when it's on the track, that effect is not seen.

The key here is to check the mechanical operation of the front power truck and see if there is any binding in the geartrain by running it through a complete rev of the drivers manually spinning the flywheel.

However, first thing to do is flip it over and make SURE the single motor mount screw in the power truck is tight, that's a common issue!

Thanks for the replies, just wanted to check that it wasn't an issue that I could take advantage of the parts sale to fix.

Nope, probably not.  This is a classic issue, I've seen it with the JLC GG1.  If the power truck with the tach loses traction, it can stall exactly how you state.  The speed controlled motor spins freely, so it doesn't take much voltage.  The uncontrolled motor receives the same power, but it's not enough to move the engine, so it just sits there.  It doesn't take much of a hump for it to stall, our club traveling modular layout had issues if we didn't get the sections aligned perfectly.  I stopped taking the GG1 to modular shows because it was just too picky.

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