I don't believe any big boy could handle it - this job can be done by an Allegheny hands down!

Thanks for the video clip, very interesting.

The ideas some guys have is simply amazing.


C&O H8 Allegheny: The heaviest & most powerful bad boy to ever traverse any rail.

If you look closely, there are many locomotives spread through the consist.  This evens out the pull and keeps them from clothslining. I seriously doubt one or two engines would be able to do that.


Very clever presentation.


OH Bill! Makin' me dizzy.


I actually have one of this guy's videos in my Youtube playlist, but he has one upped himself with this one. The flyover is perfect, and now he can throw it into reverse. The helix is simple by comparison.

Originally Posted by Gilly@N&W:

Given the time and money; why not? What do you do with it after it's finished?

Tom, I don't think he's ever really finished. Note the pile of unused track on the floor. He has done larger versions of this concept. Here's the one I mentioned earlier, 9 engines and 243 cars.


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