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This weekend I built a Motrak Model Supply Shed using Crackle Medium for aging. I got this Hobby Lobby.0B29C35F-01C1-4284-AA34-903173EC188DThis has the three step process: Base coat, crackle medium, and final/ top coat. The base coat of acrylic paint should be dry. Apply the crackle medium and let dry 1 hour. Apply top coat for an instant aging effect.88ED707A-2F90-4430-89CA-79E0D1DC6E52B03BCEFD-9127-4E78-B0DD-A7BF26C4FE2FF6D497C5-39B4-44B8-AF73-3D5549328AC475CBB31F-DCF8-4C45-94D9-3C90B8CA315D86A87246-7D07-4F49-A4D5-63656E8D5CCD52BF905A-023F-4017-936C-20C1B4B0B33FA4BB56A1-931D-402F-96A9-457D2BFC34BC2EB9962A-33B8-4F40-BFE4-7AC8F0DBCF2DSponged on base coat for additional aging.


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  • 0B29C35F-01C1-4284-AA34-903173EC188D
  • 88ED707A-2F90-4430-89CA-79E0D1DC6E52
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That looks fantastic!  I was really trying to figure out how to make my Plasticville Log Cabin look old and realistic.  The bright shiny uniform brown plastic logs just look silly.    I think a base coat of dark gray, followed by the Crackling medium is exactly the answer I was looking for.

Thanks for the posting.


There once was a line of G scale structure kits that included a crackle/peeling paint finish set of tips.  They used common rubber cement as the medium between under- and over-coats of paint.  They had you brush it over the pre-painted (undercoated...grayish brown) siding in a random/spotty manner.  Once the top coat (white, cream, ...any color, etc.) was applied and dry you rubbed the surface to loosen and brush off the rubber cement areas/spots to give the same deteriorated paint finish.

Worked pretty well, but like anything else in the area of weathering, aging, finishing, practice helps and improves future results...IOW, be not dismayed!   I suppose the same would apply to this new product. 



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