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Having a strange issue with the CSM2 LCS controlling the DZ2500.  I am in the stages of building my tunnels and for the first time attempted to hook up multiple switches via the breakout boards.  During my testing face I was able to get the switches working on the 991 CAB1 V1.60 one at a time.  However when i went to program multiple switches they are just blinking in the program mode and not accepting or denying the SW assignments.  Has anyone else had issues with the CSM2's?  I am curious if I may have messed their programming up in some way or another anyone know of a way to due a full reset?  Attached is a photo of my current wiring layout, I have tried different breakout boards replacing components.  No matter the arrangement same issue.  I am fairly certain the issue lies with either the CSM2's or my 991 CAB-2 remote and not with the switches themselves.  


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You have to give the CSM2 an address first. Push the program button on the CSM2 and give it a switch ID. Then the First DZ2500 (the one that goes in switch sense terminal 1) gets the SAME ID as the CSM2. Proceed up sequentially in numbers from there. Theres an example in the manual.

I set one up last week and had absolutely no issues getting it to take any addresses. I did not use the breakout boards. It may have even been easier than doing it with a 2001 on a SER2. 


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