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Background. The county approved the addition as completed. They have to come back and fix a few things, no biggy. The big room is 12 x 20. The workshop is 8 x 12 and I expect to use part of that for turning trains and storage.

At the moment I have the table I built several years ago. The frame is made of 2 x 4s. There are three rectangular stands that have casters on the bottom and are connected by 8' 2 x 4s.This forms a 4 x 8 stand. On top of that goes a platform constructed of 2 x 4s and about 3/4" plywood. It's heavy but solid, I can stand on it. I may have overdone it. I had covered it with a piece of indoor outdoor carpet but it really didn't help the that much. After reading numerous posts I sought out something else.

STEICO Natural acoustic wood fiber underlayment 90-sq ft Premium 3 mm Flooring Underlayment

This comes in 3 mm and 6 mm thicknesses. The thing that attracted me is it comes in 2 x 3 foot panels, which is very handy. I may glue them down, a little more research will be needed.

Then a 1/2" or so carpet pad and then Grizzly Grass indoor/outdoor carpet. I have FastTrack, K-line Shadow line (K-line, RMT and O-Line) and I am looking at Gargraves.

Now this temporary and will eventually be used as a test platform and for holiday displays. I can probably get heavy curtains to hang around the platform to suppress any sounds from underneath.

Does this sound like a good plan? Do you think the Steico panels will give what I'm looking for which is quieter running. It is not expensive, $60 for 90 sq ft of the 6 mm.

Of course when I start my "real" layout I will explore more conventional methods but I have not run trains in over 3 years and I really want to get back to running and working on my trains.


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+1 on heavy curtains.  Carpet absorbs a lot of noise but the underside of the table radiates noise.  Glue foam flooring underlayment (Hushmat etc.) to the underside.  (cheaper if bought online).  If your local home improvement stores carry Homosote, I would use that instead of carpet pad on top as it provides a firmer surface for small accessories.

There are lots of threads with good ideas on reducing layout noise on this forum.  

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