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Hello all, i was wondering if anyone had a copy of "Juniatas Jewel", which covers Pennsylvania Railroad K4s 1361 in 1987 and "Steamin In The Valley", Which covers the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad featuring Grand Trunk Western 4070 in 1989 both produced by Berkshire Productions. Steamin In The Valley was rereleased in the early 2000s by Electric Pictures on DVD and was sold on Amazon. all of the copies of the program have since sold and the listing remains with no copies available. i have been unable to find these programs due to their rarity and low amounts of copies produced. i have attached photos of the programs for reference



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  • 1989-vhs-steamin-valley-berkshire_1_b789af91bc325bbbd079_003
  • 1989-vhs-steamin-valley-berkshire_1_b789af91bc325bbbd0797f83
  • 1989-vhs-steamin-valley-berkshire_1_b789af91bc325bbbd079_002
  • juniatas-jewel-pennsylvania-railroad_1_89de9e303e8e1a798_002
  • juniata-jewel-pennsylvania-railroad_1_1487ef7ca33ddf612b_002
  • 1987-juanitas-jewel-berkshire_1_7b26d5f7c72b45622c35ebd2_002
  • Steamin in the valley
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@lewrail posted:

Many many years ago I copied Juniata's Jewels from VHS to DVD. The VHS is long gone, but

I still have the DVD copy on a disc that has all kinds of other stuff. Unfortunately I have no easy

way of copying from the DVD.  If you are desperate I could loan you my DVD for copying.


Lew Schneider





Awesome! What would the best way of getting me the disc I can copy Juniatas Jewel?

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OGR Publishing, Inc., 1310 Eastside Centre Ct, Suite 6, Mountain Home, AR 72653
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