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I am working on an old lionechief Pennsylvania flyer engine. One of the wires from the tender drawbar is out of the cable and not connected to anything. The two wires from the drawbar that go to the speaker are soldered in place. The sounds work fine but the engine does not move. Does anyone by chance have a diagram of the drawbar?

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Again, if you look at the (parts) diagram for that set and specifically for the tender- you will notice a snap in style pickup in the front truck of the tender. That said, that pickup has no roller for 3rd rail, it is there to pick up common off the axles and wheels of the tender and provide that common to the engine across the drawbar. Again, that snap in pickup assembly is the "ground strap" AKA common power pickup for the wheels- again so needed because the engine may stop on switches because of the limited number of wheels in the engine with common pickup.

That's the reason for 3 wires- common, and 2 for speaker that cannot ever connect to common.


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