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BradF posted:

Were the prices for these entry level layouts announced at York. Perhaps once Clarke get home and unloaded he will fill in this detail. I,for one, am very interested in a layout of this size and quality.


I did not take photos to make sure my memory is perfect, but I am 99.99% sure the figure 8 layout was $5000, the Angela Trotta one was between $9,000 and $10,000, and the 2nd Lionchief Layout Clarke brought up later in the thread was a little more than the figure 8 one(maybe ~ $6K +/- ?).  The last one I don't remember quite as well, so I may be off there.


For those folks who asked about prices, below are the Special-for-York prices which we will hold until the end of April for all of you OGR'ers. After that ,we'll go public and have to raise them. The Special-for-York prices are just about our cost for creating these layouts. I think they're great for the home but they're also wonderful for putting in store windows, donating to a children's hospital, an  assisted living facility or a retirement community's community center.

Lion Chief (Scout) Layout which includes 2 Lion Chief trains: $5,000; Base $350.00 plus shipping and all applicable taxes.

Two level Figure 8 Layout includes 3 Lion Chief trains):$6,500.00; Base $350.00 plus shipping and all applicable taxes.

Angela Trotta Thomas's Winter Wonderland: $9,500.00; lighted base $550.00 plus shipping and all applicable taxes.

And, hey, if you want to take a ride up to the studio and pick your layout up and take a tour, please do.



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Yes! We can do this either in "Kit Form"--that is computer cut plywood with base to be attached (an easy slip-fit after a little sanding) or fully assembled and painted.  We'd also need to know quantity as well.  For example, two pieces (each) will be more expensive than ten would be.  The labor for two is the same as the labor for ten.  Let us know.  And if there's anyone else out there who's interested, please let us know.

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